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Thursday, April 25, 2013

1 Month since Gotcha Day with MaeLynn

Wow, I can't believe 1 Month ago we were sitting in a small room in China awaiting the arrival of our precious MaeLynn. In one day there was so much loss and love. We have come a long way in just a few short weeks.
This month has been filled with lots of tears, cheers and overall praise to the Lord for his awesomeness;) MaeLynn really hasn't grieved since we have been home. I think she knows now that we love her and we will be here. I know time and consistency will prove that to her.
Our time in China was amazing with MaeLynn. Scott and I had so much freedom there to love her and focus only on her. We were very excited to bring her home and unite her with her siblings but we were also a little worried how all that was going to go. Again, we of little faith...
Fischer and Lilly have been amazing with her! From day one, they called her baby sissy and both of them fight to holder, play with her and help mommy feed her. She loves their attention. As the days have gone by, Fischer and Lilly have settled back into their regular routines and I see a few minor things popping up that I didn't expect.
One thing that has been interesting is that Fischer and Lilly haven't shown jealousy of Mae but she gets SUPER jealous if I am holding her and I scoop up one of the other kiddos in my other arm. She grunts and wiggles until I put the other child down! (Territorial already:0 ) Another thing that has popped up is Mae has a little temper!! This adorable little ball of cuteness can throw the biggest fits I have seen when I set her down to go to the bathroom, get lunch/dinner ready, or help one of the other kiddos. I know she could not have possibly been held non stop at the orphanage but maybe she has had a little taste of what it is like to be loved/spoiled by a mommy and she can't get enough...can't say I blame her;)))
MaeLynn has grown 1/2 an inch this month and already put on 1 lbs. She only gained 1lb in the 3 months we waited until we were able to get her and now she gained 1 lb in the 4 weeks we have had her!! Baby girl LOVES to eat!!! We are having so much fun watching her too;)))) Her smile when she tries something she likes is priceless!!!! (cookies are her fav ofcourse;))
Another thing that took me by surprise was my overspill of emotions and hormones after bringing her home. Seriously, it was just the same with my two bio kids!!! I was crying all the time and felt "out of body". Scott would ask if I was ok and I would sob back, "I just can't believe she is finally here...she is finally ours...I am so happy...I am soo overwhelmed...I don't know why I am crying this time..." and a number of other things.
In processing everything over the past three weeks one thing I have had to grieve was the loss of the first year of MaeLynn's life. Even though I felt incredibly connected to her (as most of you have read our blog and heard how the Lord connected us before we were even matched with Mae), I still get sad about the little things...I never got to feel her kick in my womb, see her breathe her first breath, hear her utter her first giggle, see her first smile and a number of other "firsts" and special moments. In the past, this would be something I would just brush over and say, no big deal I have her for the rest of her life. And even though that it true, she will be ours forever, those things are important and something that I have come to realize is okay to be sad about and give to the Lord.
MaeLynn is truely amazing. She reaches for mommy and loves to play with daddy. She gets the biggest laughs when playing with bubba and is already trying to mimic sister. My heart is just plain over flowing with the fullness of Gods blessings on our family.
Thank you all for being apart of this journey, donating to help bring MaeLynn home and most of all being consistent prayer warriors for us and our baby girl. There were so many precious babies we had to leave behind and we ask that you continue to pray that the Lord will stir the hearts of their forever families. IF THAT IS YOU...please contact us! We have access to picture lists of children just waiting to be loved!!!!
"May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth." Ps 115:15

                              MaeLynn and Lilly playing dress up in their new Chinese dresses
                                                      First visit with Nana and Papa

                                                  Love playing trains with Bubba
                                                         Love being silly with Big sissy!
                                                   MaeLynn loves her siblings and they love her!