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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 months with MaeMae

   Another month of blessings and things to celebrate with MaeLynn this month. Seriously, do you not get a HUGE smile on your face every time you see pics of this precious girl!?! I know I do!! This month has seemed like such a huge leap for MaeLynn. I know every month she gains a little more trust that we aren't going to leave her and that we love her unconditionally but she has truly started to show more signs of this trust outwardly. As I put her to bed, MaeLynn has NEVER really liked me to hold her where she is laying in my arms looking at me as I sing to her and we pray over her. This magical month of August she has started to touch my face and stare into my eyes with a smile as I sing to her! She even starts trying to imitate the sounds and tones to Jesus Loves Me as I sing. We also get in this little game before I lay her down. I ask her for a bed time kiss and she grunts no and looks away, then I act surprised and give her tons of kisses all over her checks as she giggles. It is such a special time for us and I never want this new routine to end!!!!
   Another HUGE announcement this month is....WE HAVE A WALKER!!!!!! After months of therapy 5 hours per week and lots of confidence building, MaeLynn has taken off. And by "taking off" I mean she isn't just walking, she is toddling so quickly you would think she's been doing this for a long time. She is loving playing chase and being able to come find me when I am somewhere around the house. MaeLynn loves playing with bubba and sissy now that she can quickly get between their rooms.
   Because of this huge development and the fact that we have prayerfully decided to let her go to our church's amazing kids day out program-Adventureland, we have stopped therapy in office and have changed to a Developmental Specialist in home. Our therapist were all supportive and said she is so close to being developmentally caught up to her age. Scott and I believe that as she goes to the kids day out bible school with kids her age, she will continue to catch up. I am excited to be teaching at the church in the kids day out program as well so that if any of the kids need me I will always be there. MaeMae's first day of school is September 9. 
   In other news, MaeLynn has fallen in love with one of Lilly's old all cotton, jersey tshirt feeling blankey. She looks like Lionel off of Charlie Brown and will not part from that thing. It is so sweet how she asks for it first thing when she falls or is upset about something. Mae gets so excited when I hide it behind my back before bedtime and say "whhhhhheeeerrrreeee is BLANKEY????OOOHHHH here it IS!!!". She gives me one of her all over body smiles;)
   This month has been full of family time and fun activities. MaeLynn is a water bug like the rest of the Bennington's so we can often be found at the local splash parks, our neighborhood pool, or out on our boat on Beaver Lake. This spunky little girl continues to settle in to our fantastically funky family of 5 and we are loving every minute of it.....ok well most minutes of it;)
   Please continue to pray that MaeLynn will grow in trust and love for us. Pray for families out there who have love to give and are interested in adopting. Pray that our story will ultimately be used for God's glory. Thank you all for being a part of our journey! Until next month, here are some sweet pics of our China darling...

Our little Superwoman at her best friends sister's birthday party. The theme was super hero's and princesses. The whole family dressed up and had a blast!

MaeLynn loves to try to keep up with her bestie, Khloe. Khloe has some serious dance moves!

Lilly, Fischer and MaeLynn loved visiting Larry Boy, from Veggie Tales, at our local Christian book store.

Daddy attempted to fix Mae's crazy hair like Wolverine. Mae is not amused although she loves the attention from daddy. She is a true princess and loves to dress up and be girlie! You can often find her in front of her many pairs of shoes trying to get her feet in to try on several ones.

Lilly loves to pretend reading books to MaeLynn. Sweet sweet sisters!

MaeLynn things she is sooo big when someone gives her rides on the scooter. Here "Auntie Susan" is so much fun to play with. Since we don't have family here, Susan and her family have taken us in and loved all of our children and Scott and I so well. We adore them!

"Bubba" as MaeLynn and Lilly call Fischer is always willing to play cars and trains with anyone. MaeLynn asks for "Bubba" first when she wakes up in the morning and I get her out of her crib. She has some of her biggest smiles for him. He loves her as any aggressive two year old would...he tries to carry her, pick her up and gives her extra squeezes called hugs that she doesn't enjoy too much but I really do think he has a pure heart behind all of it and adores her. If Fischer wakes up from his afternoon nap before Mae he always comes to me while I fix him his chocolate milk and snack and says he hears MaeLynn waking up, even though she is still out solid in her crib! So cute he wants her up and ready to play;)

Daddy and blankey, what more could MaeMae want when it's nap time??? So precious!

Despite being unsure of this giant panda bear, MaeLynn and Khole had a blast playing at Little Giggles play place in Bentonville and having a picnic lunch. So blessed to have each other!

MaeLynn's speech therapist, Mandy, on her last day of therapy. When we first got MaeLynn is was not chewing or swallowing very well. Mandy has worked miracles getting her to transition to table food and off the bottle to sippy cups all in about 4 months!

Children's Therapy Team office, miracle workers and life changers for MaeLynn. Thank you!

At Fischer's first soccer practice/game he stopped on the field and ran over to give MaeLynn a hug. What a precious moment to catch on camera! She was just chanting "Bubba, Bubba!"
The whole family cheering on Fischer at his first soccer game. Lilly and MaeLynn dressed alike and loved waving the pom poms as we called his name. These pompoms where given to them by their great grandma West and they play techno music as you cheer. The crowd thought Mae and Lilly were adorable.

MaeMae sucking on her blankey. Believe it or not, this is a big step for her. When we first got MaeLynn, she would find comfort sucking on the sleeve of her clothing. She was not ever given her own blankey or paci so she found comfort in lifting her arm and sucking on her clothes. We realized quickly when we got her home that she had to be sleeping in something long sleeved in order for her to actually get herself to sleep! The amazing thing is that the way she sucks on this blankey is the exact same way Lilly used to suck on her blankey. Lilly never took a paci but found comfort in a blankey. This bed time pic makes me so happy and is another sign of her settling in to her forever family!