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Monday, May 27, 2013

2 months post Gotcha-May 2013

Time truly does fly by!!! We are out of the nesting phase, although I don't think we stayed in that much during the first 6 weeks. We were really strict on no one holding MaeLynn besides mom and dad and I really do think that helped our bond grow with her.
   MaeLynn now weighs 19lbs and is 31inches long. (That's a 2lb growth since Gotcha and 1 1/2 inches! and Mae even had the stomach bug last week so I know she lost some!) MaeLynn also got tubes in her ears this month as she was showing signs of hearing loss and cronic ear infections:( She started jabbering more right after she got them! Sooo cute! Mae is in therapy 4 hours a week and we are prescribed up to 6. She is not a fan of PT and OT and we are just getting going on Speech therapy for feeding and I think she will like that better. We are so blessed to have therapists that have a passion for adoption. Our OT has a daughter that is a little over a year older than MaeLynn and she was adopted from China with the same special need!?! Isn't God good!!! Our PT leads missions trips to Guatemala and really has a heart to help others. He is great with Mae although she tends to pitch pretty big fits with him;)
   In this last month, she has learned to army crawl and roll over both ways. She is standing more stable when propped up to something and she is trying to take steps if you hold her hands to help her stand. She still HATES to be alone or set down by herself to play. This is really challenging for me (mom) when Lilly and Fischer need something or I want to try to get something done around the house. The Lord and my dear adoptive mom friends have reminded me to rest in God's grace and that he didn't promise us that this road would be easy, just that we needed to walk faithfully in obedience. I find myself getting frustrated at times, especially when she cries  through her therapy sessions but I am reminded of the face of the lonely, scared little kids in the orphanage she came from and that she needs me more now than ever.
   MaeLynn LOVES being outside. She can sit and watch sissy and bubba for longer periods of time. She loves the breezy in her hair and being barefoot outside(she still refuses to wear anything on her feet and I can't say I blame her since her shoes used to be tied down to her feet all day! Good thing it's summer;) Other things Mae loves...being tossed in the air and caught by daddy, rocked in the rocking chair before bed, ice cream, playing Peek-a-boo, looking at pictures, watching Daniel Tiger on PBS, splashing in the the bath tub and attention from brother and sister.
   This month we celebrated Fischer's 2nd birthday, traveled to meet the Stelk cousins, played outside a lot and went to Silver Dollar City with Nana and Papa. This was also a very special Mother's Day with all three kiddos. MaeLynn loved eating cupcakes, she did not like icing on her hands though. She loved meeting the Stelk cousins. Especially Hope, who played with her the most. My parents had a really fun BBQ at their house to show off their new grand baby to all their friends and people who supported our adoption back in Derby. It was really special to let everyone dote on her;) MaeLynn really enjoyed people watching at Silver Dollar City and playing in the fountains in the kids area. I know she will really love it more when she can walk and chase brother and sister through the park.
   We are truly in love with our baby girl. I can't imagine our family without her. Yes, it is challenging at times and we do feel Satan attack us ( Scott and Rachel) with lies about our new daughter. But God is sovereign and gives us the strength, peace and joy to be thankful for our very blessed FAMILY OF 5!!!!!

                                             Fischer's 2nd birthday party at school.

                                                  At my parent's house for the BBQ.

Cousin Hope and Aunt Ginger

                                           My first Mother's Day with all three!!!

                                                Silver Dollar City and Nana and Papa time!

                                                        The fountains were Mae's favorite!

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