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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

7 months home with MaeLynn

Sassy attitude...
Happy... (All in a 30 second photo shoot!)

   These pictures are a good summation of our emotional rollacoaster this month with MaeLynn. We have read about these tough months in adoption books and also heard about it from other friends that have adopted before us. MaeLynn officially reached a testing period with us this month. It's almost as though she did everything she humanly knew to push us away. Physically hit us, pushed us away when we tried to snuggle her or comfort her and reverted back to some of her earlier screaming behavior. It was hard not to feel heart broken and rejected. Our friends in the adoption community describe it in simply terms like this...At some point your child may hit a period where they realize how much they love you and that there is still a possiblity that you may abandon them and/or hurt them. So, they do what is logical to them...do everything in their power to push you away and see if you stay.
   God is good and he gave us the strength and patience to persist. I found it a good reminder of my relationship with the Lord. I push the Lord away in my own insecurities but He is always there with a hug and snuggle to pick me back up no matter how I act. Amazing GRACE!
   We tried to keep activities minimal this month so we could allow MaeLynn to feel and act as she needed to express.  We did make it back to Wichita for a couple quick days to go to the pumpkin patch with Nana and Papa while daddy caught up on some paperwork back home. This kids loved all the outdoor activities there like the pit filled with corn, slides and tractor train.
   One special time we had this month was hosting an adoption play group for families in the area that had recently adopted from China. We had so much fun connecting with others and sharing stories. The girls were so precious playing with dolls and dressing up. We hope to continue this group so the girls can grow up together. It was also special to meet other Chinese girls that have the same special need as Mae. All of the girls were fascinated with each others "little arm".
   For those of you who walked this month with us daily. Thank you for your prayers and support through this difficult month. We want so badly for MaeLynn to feel our love for her and be confident that she is and will always be apart of this family. Please continue to pray for this ever changing and growing bond!!

Sweet sibling moment!

Pumpkin Patch October 2013

Nana and Papa at the Pumpkin Patch

Mommy time!

China Adoption Playgroup

Pigtail Princess!
MaeMae loves bath time with her bubba and sissy.

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