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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Christmas Miracles-The day we saw her face Dec.2012

Christmas Miracles-The day we saw her face

December the hope for a match grew in us. Our friends that had previously been filling out paperwork to adopt from China, was just issued their Log In Date to be matched off the shared list and we were praying this was the month for both of us. In the month of December, our caseworker was going on vacation for Christmas Eve through the first couple weeks into January. As the time neared to be matched, we realized that the date was going to fall on Christmas Eve. We lost hope of a match immediately. Our caseworker said they filed for the date to be changed, but that had never happened before. Our sweet caseworker assured us that if she was gone she would train someone else to match us but we didn’t feel good about that either.

I decided to pack up the kids and head to my parents house in Kansas a little early and Scott would meet up with us closer to Christmas when he could get off work. On Tuesday am December, 18, 2012, I checked my email and saw the most amazing thing (well next to the notice of a match;). China had decided to change their date of match and the list would update for all on December 19. I called my friend Erica and screamed. We both discussed how it would be special to be matched together and we both were praying (as we did every month) that God would show us the face of our little girl.

December 19 finally came and I was a mess! My sister and brother in law had just arrived at my parents house and the kids were all playing with glee... oblivious of my nerves and distracted heart. I left the room about 7:30 and sought out a quiet place to pray and watch my computer/phone. Scott and I decided our caseworker would send any profile to Scott first and he would call me to discuss things since we were in different locations.

I’ll never forget the call. 9:30pm the phone rang. I hear a broken voice on the other line...I am forwarding you a picture...SHE IS THE ONE! Oh I could shout to Heavens, Glory to God. The Lord is GOOD to us.. but mostly I cried. My hands were shaking as I opened the email and my sister snapped pictures away as I got to see the face of our beautiful daughter that night. Our little MaeLynn (Chang AiHe) was born March 28, 2012 and was a tiny little sweetie. She had a big smile and was born perfectly with only one hand. She was very healthy and happy appearing. The moment I saw her face I knew why God has made us wait and I can tell you now...SHE WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT.

Such a miracle...we weren’t supposed to be matched that month because of the date. And best of all our friends we had grown so close to during this process had GOTTEN MATCHED THE SAME NIGHT!!!!!!

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