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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The many faces of Jesus-July 2012 Adoption Story

The Giver on the Street---- July 2012

We have never hidden the fact that adoption is very expensive. It’s very hard to understand why it’s so expensive to pursue these children when orphanages are expensive to run the longer children are in there and there are many families that are willing but not financially able to pursue these children. We knew the $35,000 price was what the Lord had asked us to give and we knew if he called us to it we would sacrifice, fundraise and see what he would provide.

Our friends and family have been amazing on this journey to buy tshirts, participate in our events, donate freely and pray for us without ceasing during this time. One way we were not prepared for was the people who didn’t even know us that God would use to pursue our little girl and answer the call of adoption. One of those situations happened on a warm July day summer 2012.

Scott and I had taken the kids to Frisco fest for some fun family time. As we were watching all the people and enjoying ourselves, Scott ran into a patient and reminded him of the Krispy Kreme Challenge we had coming up as a fundraiser. This unique even was one way we planned to help spread the word about adoption and raise funds to continue the journey to our little girl. The man next to Scott’s patient subtly asked about our fundraiser. He didn’t say much but asked for a card of Scott’s so he could look up our blog on our adoption. Scott thought nothing of this but his kind smile and warm wishes for the sucess of the race was a boost of encouragement.

Later that day we received a message that a significant donation had come in from “someone who is obeying God’s call to help us”. We fell to our knees in praise to the Lord. You see this was the exact amount we needed to write a check for the next payment that was due to our agency. OH THE LORD IS GOOD TO US!!!!!!! 

Thank you friends, family and others for allowing God to bless us. This little girls life will be forever changed largely due to people like you! Thank you!

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