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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Guangzhou Day 1

Hooray! We are finally here in Guangzhou. This is the final leg of our adoption journey. MaeLynn had a fever yesterday but it broke by her morning nap and she was all smiles when she woke up. We took the in country flight to Guangzhou and didn’t get in until 11pm last night because we had a 2 hr delay. MaeLynn did amazing!!! Momma on the other hand, was about to have a nervous break down in the airport! No one spoke English and the signs were VERY hard to read. Sooo stressful!
BUT WE ARE HERE!!! We went to breakfast and it was soooo great to see our friends again and hug their sweetie pie, Khloe. She and MaeLynn are only 4 months apart and really had fun talking to each other today and playing. I am soo glad the girls will have each other over the years to process and celebrate all this with. Good friends are priceless;))))
We went the the US approved doctors office this morning and had the girls do their final evaluation. They are healthy and happy:) Although both girls DID NOT enjoy being out of momma’s arms when they were being checked out by the doctor. MaeLynn is 18 lbs very long and skinny.
Our guide here, Jack, is amazing. He zipped us in and out of there in about 1 1/2 hours and the room was filled with adoptive families. It was so great to meet another couple with a little boy who was born with the same arm missing as Mae. Their little boy was running around crazy like a typical 2 year old boy;)
We came back to the hotel for a brief meeting with Jack about the game plan for the week and then a quick lunch before naps. Today MaeLynn had a rough couple hours in the afternoon. She was grieving again. I took her in the quite dark room and sang to her in my arms while she cried and screamed a little. I could tell she just needed to get it out. Then she fell asleep in my arms. She woke up about 45 mins later all smiles again. I am sure she will have more of these moments and I know consistency and love will eventually win out;)
To end the day off, we ate at this AMAZING Mexican restaurant...Tequilas. Scott claims he had the best burrito he has had in his whole life. He said it’s just like his Aunt Dana makes them and that says a lot because those are his favorite;) Although, I am not sure if it was just because we are getting burnt out on noodles and rice;)) I will say the Margarita hit the spot;) I am exhausted and ready for bed. Night from Guangzhou, China!!!;)

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