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Saturday, March 30, 2013

MaeLynn's 1st birthday!!!

Today is MaeLynn’s special day! We feel so blessed to be able to celebrate her birthday with her in person! She will never spend a single birthday in the orphanage. We had hoped and prayed for this from the day we got matched with her.
Today was very special. We woke up and Mae was all smiles as usual. We skyped and played after breakfast. Then we napped and relaxed for a bit. MaeLynn loves waking up to us watching her!
Next, we headed to the Confucius Temple area. It was so beautiful! The teachings of Confucius are still a part of the Chinese way of life today. Live life by peace, harmony and kindness. We toured the temple area and read all the history. It was very interesting.
The city is still decorated from the Nanjing Lantern Festival held every year the following 2 weeks after Chinese New year. The whole city has these beautiful silk lanterns all around that are shaped like different things. Scott and I had fun taking in all the lanterns and getting some great pics;) MaeLynn loved the bright colors.
In the temple area we took a ride in this little cart thingy this guy ran with. We were quit the site. These funny Americans with the Chinese baby in an all Asian market area. It was hilarious. Everyone was taking pictures of us. Probably because we are much bigger than the average people they pull in these and our men were working up a sweat!
After all that, we left with Micheal, our guide, to do some more touring. We went to the mausoleum of Seno Sans ( sounds like that but spelled totally different). He was a president in China that helped lead the people revolution. He is very respected and revered. The area was beautiful at the top!
Then we toured the city wall that was over 600 years old. This city wall used to go completely around the city but a part was torn down when the Japanese invaded China in the 1940s. The was is 4 layers deep at the entrance. This was so that if people made it through the first layer, they would close the outer layers and trap the enemy in the inner layers and kill them. The sights of the city from here were sooo beautiful!!!
Last, we went to a famous cake shop and celebrated MaeLynn’s birthday. It was so fun to sing happy birthday to her. A dear friend, and fellow adoptive momma, gave me this precious bib and birthday hat she was wearing in the pics! So fun! BUT the cake here is not the same:/ Frosting is all whippy (which for those of you that know me...I LOVE butter creme frosting!) MaeLynn did not like the cake either but really loved all the special attention from everyone there;)
What a special day! Tomorrow we head to Guangzhou! We will meet back up with our friends Erica and Jason Kennett and meet there new daughter Khloe. Then we finish the last leg of our adoption journey before we get to come home! I am missing Lilly and Fischer like CRAZY!!!!! Love you all!!!

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