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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Orphanage Visit

I am going to keep this brief as we are really trying to protect as much information for our daughter one day. This was a very hard/emotional day. We drove 1 1/2 hours to Changzhou City. The city is an industrial city and has about 2 million people. My stomache was in knots.

As we pulled up to this beautiful building, there were children outside playing in the sunshine and lots of fountains and greenery around the area. The staff met us outside. They were very friendly and glad to see MaeLynn ( Chang AiHe is what they called her). MaeLynn was not excited to see them and clung to me in fear. I had her in the Ergo and wrapped my arms around her to assure her mommy was not letting go.

When we went inside it was very bright white with lots of colored paintings and characters on the wall. It was very chilly in there. Much cooler than outside. We were able to see the therapy rooms with lots of special needs children. We even saw a place were they hired outside people to come live in the orphanage and act as a foster family to children. They call them Momma and Baba (dada) even.

Last we were taken to MaeLynn’s room and bed. There were 36 cribs in the room. The room was silent. 4 nannies walked around and tried to feed the babies their snacks as they lay in there beds. I learned that they are fed all meals here. They are out of their beds for 2 hours in the morning for play and 2 hours in the afternoon for play.

This momma’s heart can’t take much more telling you about this so I will move right along. Please know there are a LOT of babies here that need forever families. Please pray about if this is something the Lord has for you. Do you have extra love to give?? Also, if you do not feel called to adopt, please support a family that is by donations, prayers or offering to help with fundraisers. The church family, community group, neighborhood and family and friends that made this possible for us are PRICELESS to us and this would not have happened to change this former orphans life without them!!!!!

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