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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! GZ day 2

Day 2 in Guangzhou...Today was a really fun day. We shopped on Shamian Island to buy the girls some silk dresses and a few things for future Gotcha day gifts for MaeLynn. We want to celebrate this special time each year. Mae is continuing to bond with us. When she gets over stimulated she continues a couple nervous ticks from the orphanage but we are seeing less and less of those everyday. She is really bonding with Daddy. She left him hold her at dinner and feed her mexican rice. (Yes, ofcourse our third child loves mexican food like the rest of us;))
What a special gift MaeLynn is. She is so full of joy. Her smiles lights up the room. We are slowly working her into baby food and she is doing great! She had never had baby food yet. She does not like anything sweet! She won't drink ANY liquids other than her bottle, it's been a little difficult to keep her hydrated. She will only drink that bottle from the one the orphanage gave us, trust us we have tried many;)
Tonight we went to dinner with 5 other adoptive families at the same yummy mexican restaurant as last night. MaeLynn love all the smiles and attention from the other children. She is really going to love her brother and sister.
I can't tell you how much this little girl already feels like apart of us that has always belonged. I was telling Scott that tomorrow marks one day with her and I already can't imagine life without her. The Lord has been knitting our hearts together for many months and it's aparent to all when you see us with her. We feel so blessed to experience life with her and I know we will be better people because she is in our lives.
Thinking of our visit to the orphanage and all the children laying in there beds. She was just one of those little persons not too long ago, waiting on a family that was open to love. The sweet faces of these children, I will never forget. God made each one of them unique in their own special ways. I will continue to pray everyday that he uses MaeLynn, our story of her expanding our family, and also for the hearts of those that come in contact with us, that the Lord will use it all to impact the children that are left in the orphanages here...ready to be loved by a forever family.
If you or anyone you know is open to adoption, please feel free to give out our information. We are happy to answer questions, pray with you/them and point you in the right direction for resources;)

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  1. just wait til she gets home and gets a KK! she will LOVE sweets then lol...so thankful everything is going well!